Fremantle Signs with eTribez


eTribez, a provider of digital solutions for the global TV, film and digital media industries, has added Fremantle to the list of companies signed on to its new ERP platform, eTribez PM.

eTribez PM is a cloud-based production management platform comprised of finance, talent management, planning, scheduling, document management, resource management and postproduction modules. It allows entertainment production companies to efficiently manage their resources, eliminate third-party software fees and reduce operating costs.

Fremantle has subscribed to eTribez PM’s finance module, rolling it out across its global operating companies for budgeting, cost management and purchase orders, cost reporting and broadcaster reporting. Fremantle’s unscripted teams, comprising over 35 separate operating companies, will reply eTribez PM in 13 languages across 14 territories, including the U.K., France, Sweden, Australia, Spain and Italy.

Fremantle joins All3Media, Studio Lambert and Hearst Media Production Group as the latest global entertainment company to subscribe to the platform, which is currently being used on over 1,000 productions across various genres, including nonscripted and scripted series and documentary and feature films. Productions using the platform include The Circle, Hollyoaks, Neighbours, Apollo: Mission to the Moon, Gogglebox and more.

“We are always looking for new and innovative methods to incorporate into our operations,” said Jane Atkinson, Fremantle’s director of global production. “eTribez PM has provided just that, a great solution that allows us to more efficiently manage both our businesses and productions globally.”

“We are thrilled to have Fremantle joining our eTribez family,” said Eli Abayan, CEO and co-founder of eTribez. “With our groundbreaking production management platform, leading entertainment companies like Fremantle can run their productions globally with more control. They will be on time and on budget, have the ability to benchmark aspects of their productions in different countries and, ultimately, will become a more data-driven organization operating in real time.”