ATF Spotlight: All3Media International


All3Media International’s factual slate features Secrets of Our Universe with Tim Peake, which sees astronaut Tim Peake tackle topics such as black holes, what stars are made of and life beyond Earth.

On the scripted formats front, Angela Black centers on a woman whose life appears idyllic from the outside, but in reality, she is trapped in a toxic relationship with no escape. She is eventually approached by a private investigator who is able to spill all of her husband’s secrets.

The non-scripted format Picture Slam “is universal, studio-based, perfect for viewers to play along at home and easy to understand,” says Amanda Pe, sales executive for the Asia-Pacific. Contestants face a series of pictures that are each worth money. The more they can name, the more cash they win.

Pe comments, “I am excited to be at ATF to meet our partners and to celebrate with them the deals we have done.”