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World Screen Spanish-Language Assets

Across print and online, World Screen provides the most comprehensive array of resources for the Spanish-language entertainment business. These assets are excellent vehicles for your company to reach content decision-makers, pay-TV platforms and licensing agents across Latin America, Iberia and the U.S. Hispanic market. The 2019 TV Latina Media Kit is now available here.

1. TV Latina

***TV Latina***A Spanish-language publication covering the programming, cable and satellite industries in Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Iberia. TV Latina is published nine times a year, for NATPE; Andina Link; MIPTV; L.A. Screenings; TEPAL; ConvergenciaShow.MX; Jornadas; MIPCOM and Chile Media Show; and MIP Cancun. Also a digital edition sent out to 35,000 executives a week before the markets.

2. TV Niños

***TV Niños***

Our kids’ programming magazine in Spanish is produced twice a year for the two largest markets for Latin American content buyers: NATPE and the L.A. Screenings. Also a digital edition sent to 35,000 executives a week before the markets.

TV Niños provides your ad with double exposure, worldwide distribution, superior printing and maximum impact.

3. TV Series

***TV Novelas***A magazine devoted to the international business of telenovelas and series, produced for NATPE and the L.A. Screenings. Also a digital edition sent to 35,000 executives before the markets.

4. TV Latina Guía de Canales

***TV Latina Channels Guide***

An annual portable guide that provides a comprehensive look at the cable-and-satellite industry in Latin America. This guide is distributed at several conventions throughout the year, and is mailed to 3,000 cable operators and media buyers in the region. Also a digital edition distributed to 35,000 executives at the beginning of the year.

Advertisers receive a full page of information opposite their ad, featuring contact information, details about the channel and a company statement. Also, each profile that appears in the guide runs in TV Canales Semanal.

5. TV Latina Guía de Distribuidores

***TV Latina Distributors Guide***

An annual portable guide exclusively devoted to the business of program distribution in Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Iberia. This guide is available at NATPE and the L.A. Screenings. It is also mailed to 3,000 programming decision-makers at terrestrial, cable and satellite services in the region. Also a digital edition distributed to 35,000 executives at the beginning of the year.

Advertisers receive a full page of information opposite their ad, featuring contact information, top ten program highlights and a company statement. Also, each profile that appears in the guide runs in TV Latina Semanal.

6. Diario TV Latina


Reaching over 10,000 media executives a day, Diario TV Latina is the most important daily source of media news in Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market and Iberia.

Advertising options in this daily newsletter include banners and towers.

TV Latina Noticia de Último Minuto delivers the very latest headline-making stories from the region directly to your inbox, as they happen. TV Series Noticia de Último Minuto offers breaking news in Spanish about scripted series from the Latin American, U.S. Hispanic and Iberian media markets.

7. TV Latina Semanal

***TV Latina Semanal***

Provides a summary of the week’s most important news to more than 8,000 readers every Friday, plus executive profiles and articles on the terrestrial and pay-TV businesses in the region.

Advertising options in this weekly newsletter include banners, embedded ads and towers.

8. TV Niños Semanal

***TV Niños Semanal***

An online weekly newsletter exclusively devoted to kids’ programming and merchandising that comes out every Monday. The service also presents an individual property or executive profile and the top five kids’ news stories of the week. It reaches more than 8,000 executives.

Advertising options include banners, skyscrapers and embedded ads.

9. TV Canales Semanal

***TV Canales Semanal***

This online service explores the programming strategy for a different channel each Tuesday, providing detailed information on the outlet, including launch date, target audience, top executives, reach and distribution, strategy and program highlights. It reaches more than 8,000 executives.

Advertising options include banners, skyscrapers and embedded ads.

10. TV Series Semanal

***TV Novelas y Series***

Distributed to more than 8,000 executives every Wednesday, this online service profiles a telenovela or series with pertinent information on the creator, producers and distributor, a synopsis and commentary from those involved in the distribution of the show.

Advertising options include banners, skyscrapers and embedded ads.

11. TV Formatos Semanal

***TV Formatos Semanal***

This weekly newsletter reaches about 8,000 executives every Thursday. This Spanish-language service offers case studies of successful formats and provides buyer, producer and distributor profiles, as well as video interviews with leading executives in the business, trend pieces and the top five format news stories of the week.

Advertising options in this newsletter include banners, skyscrapers and embedded ads.

12. Lista Social Wit

Reaching 10,000 media executives, this monthly service provides a ranking of the new Latin American series that generated the most social-media buzz.

Advertising options in this newsletter include banners and double banners.


******Our cutting-edge Spanish-language website is seen by over 45,000 unique monthly visitors, with an average of 240,000 page views a month. The site contains a wide range of content, including news, analysis, interviews, data and video reports. Advertising opportunities include: expandable permanent top banner, interstitial ad, wallpaper ad, drop down, expandable tower, towers, boxes, embedded ads and a peel ad.

14. Screening Rooms is the Spanish-language video portal for the entertainment community, with Screening Rooms available for distributors to highlight their new shows and for channels to promote upcoming series and branding campaigns.

15. Previews

Tied to the major markets in our industry, we provide market previews—multimedia blasts to our online database featuring interviews, articles, digital editions, restaurant and hotel directories and other resources. You can become the sole sponsor of our previews.

16. Apps for iPhone & Android

For NATPE, MIPTV, L.A. Screenings, ConvergenciaShow.MX, Jornadas, MIPCOM and MIP Cancun, the TV Latina App features extensive program listings, news, exhibitor lists, channel profiles, restaurant and hotel directories, conference schedules and more. You can become the sole sponsor of the app, which is available on iOS and Android devices.

What leading executives are saying about us…

“In a global, dynamic and competitive media environment, experiences must be shared and trends must be closely monitored. In this regard, World Screen is the entertainment industry’s reference and a must-read.”
—Carlos Henrique Schroder
CEO, Globo


“Thank you, World Screen [and TV Latina], for regularly providing me with excellent articles on international media topics. For me, World Screen [and TV Latina] are important means of information—well-structured and reader-oriented.”
—Gerhard Zeiler
President, Turner International


TV Latina is an essential resource for executives in the television industry. Its editorial content, written with an international perspective, keeps us abreast of the latest trends, news and the future of the dynamic media and entertainment industry.”
—Pierluigi Gazzolo
President, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Americas


“It’s very important to have reliable and objective sources of information that at the same time give us a diversity of opinions, and that’s something that TV Latina does. Thank you for doing that.”
—Enrique Yamuni
CEO, Megacable Comunicaciones


“Being well-informed is something the team of professionals who make up the Mediapro Group highly value. As such, TV Latina provides us with an essential overview of what’s happening in our sector internationally.”
—Tatxo Benet
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Mediapro Group


TV Latina is an essential source of current and relevant information on the television and entertainment industry. For NBCUniversal it’s an important tool in keeping up to date on everything that’s happening in our sector in Latin America.”
—Klaudia Bermudez-Key
Senior VP & General Manager, NBCUniversal International Networks, Latin America


TV Latina provides clear, insightful reporting on the most critical and complex issues of our industry. It combines local savvy with a global perspective, and it is an important source of information.”
—Gustavo Cisneros
Chairman, Cisneros


“The world gets smaller by the day. Inversely, the importance of TV Latina in covering the industry gets bigger.”
—Alberto Pecegueiro
CEO, Globosat


“In the ever-changing and globalized television industry, it’s very important to be able to rely on a trustworthy and timely source of information. TV Latina has become a reference for everyone who works in the industry.”
—Mario San Román
Vice Chairman of the Board, TV Azteca


TV Latina has become a benchmark in the industry, both for its accurate and balanced content and for its editorial lineup, which is always focused on the business, on the news that matters to all of us who work in the TV industry and in my case, in pay TV.”
—Carlos Martínez
President, Fox Networks Group Latin America


TV Latina is today among the top B-to-B circulating magazines in the country and the credit for that solely goes to its professional team for making this magazine reach such great heights.”
—Tom Mohler
CEO, Olympusat Holdings


TV Latina has become one of the most reliable sources of information on the industry, be it for channels, programmers and related companies.”
—Eduardo Ruiz
President & General Manager, A+E Networks Latin America


TV Latina is read by leading industry professionals across Latin America who want to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry. Their comprehensive coverage makes TV Latina a must-read.”
—Alex Marin
Executive VP, International Distribution, Latin America, the Caribbean & Canada, Sony Pictures Television


TV Latina is an indispensable source of information [known] for its independence and rigor. Its features and detailed analysis have made the publication a fundamental reference for all of us who are dedicated to television in Latin America.”
—Eduardo Zulueta
President, Southern Europe & Latin America, AMC Networks International


“In this constantly evolving industry, TV Latina is a daily tool to know the news from the world of pay TV from the perspective of its main players. It is also an effective tool to immediately promote our content and breaking news.”
—Felipe de Stefani
General Manager, Turner International Argentina & Senior VP, Pan Regional Advertising Sales & Innovation, Turner Latin America


“In a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world, I stay up to date daily on the latest trends in the media and entertainment industry with”
—Jonathan Blum
President, Cisneros Media


“As relatively new players in the market, Dori Media Group achieved great worldwide exposure and awareness to our brand name in a short time—World Screen [and TV Latina] definitely played an important role achieving it.”
—Nadav Palti
President & CEO, Dori Media Group


“Doing business in the media industry is a complex and challenging endeavor. Having TV Latina as a source of information makes this task easier.”
—José Antonio Bastón
Board Member, Grupo Televisa


“In a dynamic industry like ours, we can trust that publications like TV Latina will keep us informed and have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening every day.”
—Emilio Rubio
CEO, HBO Latin America Group


“In our dynamic industry, which constantly changes at great speed, reliable and up-to-date information is 50 percent of the battle. And for that, TV Latina is a must-read every day!”
—Pedro Félix Leda
Founder & Chairman, Ledafilms


“In such a dynamic industry, where being informed and updated on the latest news is crucial, I can always count on TV Latina, which gives me reliable, concise and up-to-date information.”
—Luis Balaguer
Founder & CEO, Latin World Entertainment