U.K. Writers Union Seals New BBC Pact


Writers commissioned by the BBC and BBC Studios will receive a 10 percent hike in fees and increased residuals following a new agreement with the WGGB union.

The BBC Script Agreement for Television and Online, last negotiated in 2017, establishes a 10 percent rise in minimum fees. A 60-minute teleplay increases from £12,780 to £14,040. Series minimum rates will rise to £12,900 per 60 minutes, dramatizations to £9,360 per 60 minutes and adaptations to £5,760 per 60 minutes. Plus, BBC sketch writers will see a rise of 4 percent on minimum fees, taking the per-minute minimum rate to £123.

Furthermore, writers will see increased residuals across various platforms. The agreement also covers pension rights, repeat fees and an attendance allowance.

WGGB General Secretary Ellie Peers said: “In television, screenwriters’ work is now exploited in ways that we would never have imagined a decade or so ago, so it is important that our collective union agreements keep pace. Our negotiating team have worked long and hard to achieve that goal and to ensure that U.K. writers receive a sizable pay rise that they deserve during such challenging economic times for our creative sector.”

Nikki Touchard, director of tights and talent accounting at BBC Studios, added: “We are delighted to have worked with the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and the PMA to agree new terms for writers on our scripted shows.”