U.K. Broadcaster CEOs Urge Parliament to Pass Media Bill


The BBC’s Tim Davie, ITV’s Carolyn McCall, Channel 4’s Alex Mahon and Sky’s Dana Strong are among the U.K. broadcasting chiefs who have penned a letter to Parliament seeking passage of the new Media Bill.

The proposed legislation will see streamers being brought under Ofcom regulation and additional freedoms for broadcasters to help them compete with the global giants.

“As leading CEOs from the U.K. broadcasting industry, we call on politicians across Parliament not to let the opportunity to modernize the rules that govern our sector pass,” reads the letter, signed by Davie, McCall, Mahon and Strong along with Channel 5’s Sarah Rose, STV’s Simon Pitts, S4C’s Sioned Wiliam, MG ALBA’s Domhnall Campbell and ITN’s Rachel Corp.

“The Media Bill as currently drafted is widely supported across industry and Parliament itself and has undergone Parliamentary scrutiny in the Select Committee and both Houses of Parliament, having completed second reading and committee stage in both houses. The reforms proposed in the Bill will update key aspects of media legislation for the online TV era, to ensure audiences continue to benefit from the highest quality U.K.-originated content from the PSBs, and help the U.K.’s content sector thrive for years to come.”

The bill was introduced in the House of Lords in January and had its second reading in February, where it received cross-party support. It is now set to be considered by a Committee of the Whole House. Parliament will dissolved May 30, with U.K. PM Rishi Sunak having called a general election for July 4.