Univision Suing Charter in Carriage Spat


NEW YORK: Univision has filed a lawsuit against Charter Communications in a contract dispute that involves the recent Time Warner Cable acquisition.

Univision claims that Charter has refused to negotiate a carriage renewal, instead alleging that the contract Univision had with Time Warner Cable is controlling (rather than its own contract with Univision). Charter’s argument is that, as a result of the merger, Time Warner Cable, rather than Charter, is managing all these cable systems.

“But everyone knows that is not true,” Univision said in a statement. “The longstanding CEO and the executive team of Charter, as well as its pre-existing board of directors, now manage and control all of the cable systems. Indeed, Charter pitched this deal to regulators, its subscribers, and the public, as one where its management team would take control of the combined company, and that is exactly what happened.

“Quite simply, Charter promised one thing publicly in order to secure approval for its acquisition and is now privately claiming the exact opposite to Univision.”

Charter responded with a statement of its own: “We have a long-term contract with Univision and we expect them to honor it.”