STARZ/MGM+ Bundle to Land on Amazon


A new STARZ and MGM+ bundle is launching on Prime Video in the U.S., with the two services to be offered together at $11.99 a month, a 20 percent cost savings on the combined price of both standalone services.

“We are excited to join forces with Amazon to offer STARZ together with MGM+ to their millions of customers on Prime Video,” said Alison Hoffman, president of domestic Networks for STARZ. “STARZ is a complementary service to general entertainment offerings, so we’re thrilled to see that bundling is now here and believe there will be many more bundling opportunities to come.”

The STARZ subscription delivers access to the premium channel’s original series, including Outlander, the Power franchise and P-Valley. Also accessible are flagship domestic STARZ services, including STARZ Encore, 17 premium pay-TV channels and the associated on-demand and online services. MGM+, owned by Amazon, features a lineup of originals such as Godfather of Harlem, docuseries, feature films and more.