Samsung & DIRECTV Unveil New Multi-Room DVR Technology


LAS VEGAS: DIRECTV customers will soon have the ability to watch live broadcast TV and recorded content from a compatible DVR on Samsung’s new line of Smart TVs without the need for an additional set-top box.

The new feature will provide an experience similar to that of a DIRECTV DVR set-top box but without the additional hardware. “Many homes today have more than one TV to cater to the different needs of everyone in the family. By working with a leading provider like DIRECTV, we’re able to offer consumers enhanced convenience in access so they can enjoy the content they desire from any room in the home, any time they choose,” said Stephen Goldstein, the VP of Samsung Electronics America.

“The CES demonstration of the RVU-enabled Samsung Smart TV is exciting news for the industry and consumers who want a consistent, superior user experience throughout the home,” added Romulo Pontual, the CTO of DIRECTV. “Making DIRECTV features and content available on Samsung TVs through the RVU server allows consumers to enjoy our innovative service without the need for additional set-top boxes. We are pleased to see our successful partnership with Samsung expand to include support for RVU in its 2012 Smart TV model range.”