New 3 Ball Entertainment Parent Company to House Indie Producers


3 Ball Entertainment has expanded its business model with the formation of 3BMG, a new parent company that will house numerous JVs with indie producers.

3BMG’s primary role is to incubate, foster and support the growth and vision of established and emerging producers, who will continue to operate as owners of their own companies. 3BMG is currently home to Jeff Jenkins Productions (Jeff Jenkins), Lost Arts Entertainment (Grant Cross), Parabolic Content (Rick Sasson and Seth Sherman), Cedarwood Park Entertainment (Lisa Bourgoujian), as well as 3 Ball Productions (Jeff Altrock), which will maintain its in-house development under the leadership of Chairman Reinout Oerlemans and CEO Ross Weintraub.

Said Weintraub, “With 3BMG, we saw a chance to create real opportunity for a wide range of talented producers that want to stay independent but not get crushed by the intensity of today’s business demands. Our goal is to let creatives do what they do best while maintaining skin in the game; that’s the part of our model we see as especially advantageous.”

Oerlemans said, “I’ve been around this business internationally and here in the U.S. for three decades, from creative to production to M&A. Much of our longevity is due to preparing for change and making our best efforts to meld innovative thinking with agility. Ross and our entire management team have done a stellar job of actuating our new model and launching 3BMG, which in a short period with our first wave of JVs, has already propelled exciting new creative, production efficiencies and increased commissions. We anticipate 2020 being another big growth year and we’re excited to announce more partnerships in the near future.”