NATPE Spotlight: Lionsgate Entertainment


MIAMI: The classic love story of Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle is revived in the three-hour special Dirty Dancing, which Lionsgate Entertainment is presenting to NATPE buyers.

The company is also showcasing the fish-out-of-water comedy Swedish Dicks, about an overly optimistic Swedish DJ and an aging ex-stuntman who’s stuck in the past. The unlikely pair forms a private detective firm called Swedish Dicks. Also in the comedy arena, Lionsgate is offering Nightcap, featuring Ali Wentworth as Staci, the frazzled producer of a late-night talk show.

“Lionsgate continues to produce and distribute diverse and appealing content,” says Peter Iacono, the company’s president of international TV and digital distribution. “Lionsgate’s programming slate contains content for a wide array of buyers around the world. As our portfolio expands, our ability to serve our existing clients and develop relationships with new buyers greatly increases.”