NATPE Budapest International Spotlight: A+E Networks


Cops respond to criminal activity in Live PD: Police Patrol, which A+E Networks is presenting to buyers at NATPE Budapest International.

“Globally we have seen an acute focus on police departments, so we take a closer look here at what it’s like to sit with them in the car, get the call and then follow them to the scene,” says Marica Giessen, director of international content sales. “We’re all interested in watching action and resolution.”

Another highlight is Forged in Fire, spotlighting bladesmiths as they compete to create the perfect weapon. There is also the James Franco-led High School Lover, which is one of 48 new TV-movie titles in the company’s pipeline this year. “The appetite for high-quality TV movies is ramping up,” adds Giessen.

She continues: “With 1,200-plus new hours released per year across a broad spectrum of genres, we’re well-positioned to cater to a wide variety of needs.”