L.A. Screenings Spotlight: Lionsgate


The Rook, Lionsgate’s first premium series for Starz, tells the story of Myfanwy Thomas, a woman who wakes up in London with no memory of who she is, how she got there or why there is a circle of dead bodies around her.

Upon discovering that she is actually a high-ranking member of Britain’s secret service for people with paranormal abilities, Thomas sets out to find the people responsible for wiping her memory.

The comedy Florida Girls is “a modern-day Sex and the City,” says Agapy Kapouranis, Lionsgate’s president of international television and digital distribution. The show comes from Laura Chinn and is inspired by her real life.

The Goes Wrong Show, another of Lionsgate’s comedic offerings, is a six-part television adaptation of Mischief Theatre’s plays that follow a fictitious acting club as they attempt to tackle different genres, from a courtroom drama to a WWII spy thriller.

“Lionsgate’s eclectic and diverse content allows our team to curate a unique offering for each platform based on its brand and audience,” says Kapouranis.