Kristen Bell Launches Production Company


Kristen Bell has launched Dunshire Productions, a new creative studio and production company, with longtime collaborators Morgan Sackett, Dean Holland, Troy Bailey and Benjamin Hart.

Based in Los Angeles, Dunshire Productions will focus on producing creative advertising content and campaigns for brands, including more traditional TV spots along with fast-paced, short-form digital content. The company will also have an entertainment arm to develop, produce and create various entertainment projects.

Dunshire’s team is made up of award-winning industry veterans who have been responsible for pop-culture favorites such as Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, The Office and Veep.

Through Bailey’s Bailey Brand Management, the team has access to some of the industry’s top talent looking for advertising campaigns. Dunshire will also partner with its sister agency, Brains on Fire, to offer a full suite of services from branding, web, social media, experiential and more.

“Dunshire Productions is really just us selfishly chasing that first-day-of-summer-camp feeling because we all love working with each other,” said the team of founders. “Every time we wrap a project together we want to keep it going. So we are. What really makes the five of us work so well together is that Kristen’s a natural point guard and Morgan slides in as a stretch five. Sorry, what? We’re NOT taking over the Lakers’ starting lineup? Got it. We’ll just go back to the Dunshire Productions office and focus on what else we do super well: creating good stuff people want to watch and doing it with good people only. (But we still think the Lakers could use us.)”