E! News to Launch Five New Series on Facebook Live


LOS ANGELES: E! News is expanding its live content slate with the launch of five new series on Facebook Live, with the first set to premiere August 8.

The slate of new shows is being programmed for Facebook Live, targeting E! News’s Millennial, mobile-oriented audience. Starting early this fall, the new live shows will be tailored to and available on additional platforms such as YouTube and Periscope. TV Therapy from E! News’s TV Scoop team will launch on Monday, August 8. So True, So False will begin on August 16, State Your Case on August 24, Another 15 Minutes on September 1 and E! News Week-cap (working title) on September 8.

TV Therapy, hosted by Tierney Bricker, will examine take-away moments from the past week’s buzziest shows, while So True, So False, one of E! News’s most popular segments, will be live on Facebook to allow fans to share their opinions. State Your Case will feature a debate on a timely pop-culture topic, Another 15 Minutes will take a look back at the funniest viral video moments and reality-show stars of the past, and E! News Week-cap will recap daily entertainment pop-culture news.

“Expanding the Facebook Live slate was a natural fit given the success of Live From E!, and by extending the shows to other platforms, we are able to successfully reach our Millennial audience on their preferred screen in the most high-traffic times,” said John Najarian, the executive VP and general manager of E! News and digital. “Additionally our state-of-the-art, in-house facilities give us the ability to quickly develop and produce high-quality live programming, something not many content providers can do, allowing us to offer unique opportunities for organic partnerships with advertisers and ensuring that we are delivering on our brand promise to create the best-in-class pop-culture content across all platforms for every user.”