Crunchyroll Beta Launches for U.S. Anime Fans


Crunchyroll has unveiled a new beta experience for Crunchyroll Premium web users based in the U.S., including a mobile responsive experience, an updated homepage, redesigned browse and watch pages, new search capabilities and the brand-new Crunchylists feature.

Within Crunchyroll Beta, the Crunchyroll homepage has a new user interface, redesigned to fit the needs of the anime community. Users can now enjoy personalized recommendations and easily navigate to their watchlist or to specific show or episode pages, which have been redesigned. Crunchyroll Beta offers fans improved search and filtering. In addition to the new search bar, Crunchyroll will continue to offer curated collections, handpicked by Crunchyroll’s anime experts.

Further, fans now have the ability to create unique usernames and select from a curated library of avatars and header images featuring their favorite series. The Crunchylists feature allows fans to create a curated collection of their own. Fans can add a title to their unique Crunchylist creations, add any series or select episodes from Crunchyroll’s collection of more than 1,000 series, and organize their Crunchylist however they choose.

Eligible Crunchyroll Premium users can experience the new Crunchyroll Beta by opting in through the header images or pop-ups that appear across the Crunchyroll website. Currently, Crunchyroll Beta is only available to 20 percent of premium users. It will eventually become available to all premium subscribers and all free users in the U.S.