AXS TV Partners with Sharknado Producers for TV Movie


LOS ANGELES: AXS TV is making its foray into the TV-movie business, partnering with The Asylum, the production company behind the cult hit Sharknado franchise, for the conspiracy thriller Elvis Lives!

Currently in preproduction, this marks the first film for the network. Elvis Lives! brings one of the most infamous conspiracy theories to life, asking the question, “What if Elvis never really left the building?”

AXS TV founder and CEO Mark Cuban commissioned the film after working with The Asylum on Sharknado 3 (2015), in which he played Marcus Robbins, the president of the United States.

“With Elvis Lives! we intend to do for the life of Elvis Presley what Sharknado did for flying sharks,” said Asylum president and conspiracy theorist David Rimawi.

“When the decision was made to develop AXS TV’s first original made-for-TV movie, I knew I had to get The Asylum team involved because it was a great experience working with them on Sharknado 3,” said Cuban. “They’re the perfect fit to bring this wild ride to life, as we celebrate the life and legacy of the The King’s reign, crafting a unique and original story line that explores the well-known conspiracy theories and allows our viewers to form their own conclusions.”