Aereo Rolls Out in New Market


NEW YORK: Despite a Supreme Court trial pending, Aereo is continuing to roll out in new markets, with a launch planned for the metro area of Cincinnati, Ohio, on January 21.

Greater Cincinnati includes a 24-county area across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Last week, the company received a $34 million funding injection to help further its expansion efforts.

“Aereo is growing and we’re thrilled that our expansion has brought us to the Greater Cincinnati region and three new states: Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana,” said Chet Kanojia, Aereo's CEO and founder. “Aereo’s cloud-based antenna/DVR technology brings the old-fashioned antenna into the 21st century, providing consumers access to the over-the-air broadcast signals that belong to them. It’s a simple and modern way to use an antenna to watch television—the way it should be. We’re committed to providing best-in-class technology and customer service to our users and we’re excited to introduce Aereo to Greater Cincinnati.”