Z Living Sets Premiere of Weight-Loss Series The Big Fat Truth


Z Living is debuting the new original series The Big Fat Truth, created and hosted by award-winning reality TV producer JD Roth (Extreme Weight LossThe Biggest Loser), in June.

The show, produced by 3 Ball Entertainment, is based on Roth’s book of the same name. It is slated to premiere on Z Living on June 13 at 8 p.m. with an episode featuring former contestants from the NBC series The Biggest Loser who regained the weight they had lost. It will run for six weeks. In The Big Fat Truth, Roth will challenge and guide participants who are unhappy with their weight and health, teaching them the tools he has gathered from over two decades of producing weight-loss and transformation TV programming. He will help the participants uncover the real issues behind the weight.

Roth said, “After more than 15 years creating and executive producing weight-loss programming, the most crucial revelation continues to be that ‘tears weigh more than fat,’ and once the mind is healthy, the body follows. The Big Fat Truth focuses on revitalizing our participants’ diets and mindsets, and within the first ten days alone not only did we see considerable weight loss, but also significant decreases in insulin levels and bad cholesterol, among other positive changes. This series is proof that the mind is the gateway to transforming the body.”

Tim Krubsack, the executive VP and head of programming at Z Living, added, “JD and 3 Ball are ideal partners for Z Living, as so much of their producing legacy is rooted in the challenges and rewards inherent in making real change, something that truly complements our brand. The Big Fat Truth takes a deeper dive into why people struggle with weight, and provides emotive and substantive direction for attaining lifelong health.”