TVF International Sends Slate Around Europe


TVF International has closed a raft of sales with broadcasters across Europe for history, travel and investigative titles.

In Germany, A+E Networks licensed a package of history series, including Castro’s Spies, about an elite group of undercover Cuban spies in 1990s U.S., and The Six: Titanic’s Last Secret, about the six forgotten Chinese survivors of the infamous ship.

ZDF, meanwhile, picked up Denmark from Above, part of TVF’s Aerial Profiles series.

Aerial Profiles also sold in France, with France Télévisions licensing Aerial Profiles season three. Elsewhere in France, ARTE acquired The Amazing World of Gravity, a two-parter on the physics of gravity. Histoire TV bought a package including Untold Arctic Wars, revealing the role of Arctic nations in WWII, and a second season of Asia’s Ancient Civilizations, following the stories of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, Japan’s Tokugawa (Edo) shogunate and the Ryukyu Kingdom.

In Iberia, Multicanal licensed a package of TVF travel titles such as Hidden Italy, taking viewers on a journey through one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and On Safari, set in the heart of the African wild. MSP, meanwhile, took a collection of programs that included Grand Central Stations, Britain’s Great Outdoors and Deciphering the Philippines.

CCMA acquired Nurses Wanted, an investigative documentary exploring how the Philippines, as one of the world’s leading international exporters of nurses, is dealing with the crisis within their own healthcare system.