TV Real Screenings Festival: ZDF Studios


Science and knowledge content is a key pillar in the ZDF Studios unscripted portfolio, with the company spotlighting three titles in this area in the TV Real Screenings Festival, including Naked—Sex and Gender.

Produced by Spiegel TV and Primitive Entertainment in association with Crave/Bell Media, ZDF/ARTE and ZDF Studios, Naked—Sex and Gender explores how views of gender have evolved over the years.

“In this groundbreaking series, we gain a balanced and nuanced view of how sex and gender influence every stage of life, from birth and childhood through puberty, starting a family and into old age,” says Ralf Rückauer, VP Unscripted.

The company is also touting a second season of Ancient Engineering, an Off the Fence production for Curiosity Stream, in which each stand-alone episode showcases an engineering milestone, such as the construction of the Colosseum.

Rückauer also highlights the three-part climate change title Surviving Hothouse Earth, which delivers “a fascinating insight into the scientific research being undertaken to help mankind find a solution.”

On the history doc front, ZDF Studios is offering the six-part War Gamers, which premiered on Curiosity Stream. “History provides a never-ending supply of intriguing stories,” Rückauer says. “War Gamers celebrates the extraordinary skill and genius of the women recruited by the British Royal Navy, who played a crucial role in ending Hitler’s dominance in the Atlantic.”