Cineflix Teams with Anthony Rapp for Surviving Hollywood


Cineflix Productions has partnered with actor and #MeToo activist Anthony Rapp (Rent, A Beautiful Mind, Six Degrees of Separation) to unveil Hollywood’s long history of abuse and injustice in Surviving Hollywood.

Rapp will appear on-screen to break down the underbelly of power dynamics, abuse, discrimination, corruption and misogyny that has been present in the industry since its inception. Featuring interviews, archival footage, firsthand accounts and never-before-heard stories from survivors of abuse, the series will expose the reality of Hollywood.

Surviving Hollywood was developed by the Cineflix Productions team, led by Kristin Wendell, VP of development. Executive producers will include J.C. Mills for Cineflix and Rapp.

“I’m honored to help shine a light and honor those who’ve been up against unfair systems of power in the entertainment industry,” Rapp said. “By telling these kinds of stories, hopefully we can make our industry and world a safer place for all of us.”

“Divisive opinions on race, culture, gender, ethnicity and sexuality can be traced to Hollywood’s collection of original sins that go back over a century, and understanding how we arrived here is an essential part of changing the culture and moving forward,” said Mills, president and head of content at Cineflix Productions. “Surviving Hollywood promises to be an unflinching account that lays bare all the skeletons in the entertainment industry’s closet. There’s no better person to guide viewers through this story than Anthony Rapp, one of Hollywood’s own who chose action over silence while being a steadfast advocate for the truth.”