Cineflix Working on Descendants Doc Anthology


Cineflix Productions has revealed The Descendants, a four-part documentary anthology that explores the family lines of iconic figures in history.

The production will explore the descendants of Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King, Jr. Giving exclusive access, the four families will share private collections of archival materials and intimate, untold stories.

Executive producers include J.C. Mills for Cineflix Productions, as well as Valerie LoCascio and Anne Kenny. TV host Amrita Gandhi also will serve as an executive producer.

“It is our goal to tell timely stories, and The Descendants hits every note,” said J.C. Mills, president and head of content at Cineflix Productions. “We live in a world facing unprecedented challenges with a lack of global leadership. Gandhi, Roosevelt, Churchill and King were legends who left an indelible impression, and we hope our docuseries will remind audiences of their legacies and inspire viewers to stand up for what they believe in.”

“These are personal stories that can only be told by family members who grew up contending with a figure who was larger than life,” added LoCascio and Ane Kenny. “What was that like for them? Did they continue to promote their ancestors’ legacies throughout their lives and through their work, or did they choose obscurity? It seems almost impossible to go through even one day without encountering some word or image from either Gandhi, Roosevelt, Churchill or King.”

“Being related to a world icon can feel remarkably strange. My heart and mind are tethered to my great-grandfather’s legacy, and although we share the same DNA, my daily life is remarkably different. But I suppose that’s the magic of it all,” said Gandhi. “Throughout this journey, I have realized there are so many precious, untold stories that I simply must share with the world.”