TV Real Screenings Festival Spotlight: Autentic Distribution


Autentic Distribution recently took on sales for the Terra Mater Studios catalog, including the two-part Once Upon a Time in Tsavo, one of its highlights in the TV Real Screenings Festival.

“Terra Mater Studios is known for compelling blue-chip wildlife documentaries and this title is a perfect example,” says Mirjam Strasser, head of sales and acquisitions, calling it a “visually and emotionally captivating story about remarkable relationships in the wild.”

The varied Autentic lineup also includes the history doc Berlin 1933—Diary of a Metropolis. “We observe history taking its course—firsthand from the perspective of those living it,” Strasser says. “Journals, personal letters and film material from 1933 form a dense collage, taking the audience back in time and allowing them to witness the unfolding calamity at the moment of its inception.”

Strasser also highlights the 12-part factual-entertainment series GRIP. “Speedy, high-resolution cameras record what is invisible to the naked eye and edgy, contemporary music turns this car magazine into top-quality visual entertainment.”