Autentic Distribution Unveils Summer Releases


Autentic Distribution has revealed a slew of new documentaries ahead of NATPE Budapest and Sunny Side of the Doc, spanning current affairs, history, wildlife and more.

The 52-minute The Sanction Game: EU Strategies and Russian Evasion explores how Russia circumvents EU sanctions through a network of front companies and middlemen. Featuring insights from whistleblowers, customs investigators and journalists, the documentary reveals the hidden mechanisms behind illicit trades.

The 90-minute Railway Revolution–How Trains Shaped Our World provides an extensive history of railways and their societal impact.

Following the success of previous Autentic Studios productions Light and Glamour–History of the French Riviera and Love & Dolce Vita–History of the Amalfi Coast, Autentic’s Summits and Society–History of St. Moritz and Legends and Luxury–History of Marrakesh explore the glamorous history of two additional cities.

The feature documentary Wunderland takes viewers through the world’s largest miniature wonderland, showcasing the dream of twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun brought to life.

Kui Buri–Thailand’s Hidden Eden, from Terra Mater Studios, highlights the rich biodiversity of Kui Buri National Park, while Magicians of Glass Art in Venice–The Furnaces of Murano offers a look into Berengo Studio. Both titles are 52 minutes long.