Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Spotlight: Albatross World Sales


Climate change’s effects on the Russian Arctic are explored in the Albatross World Sales highlight On Thin Ice.

Grizzly Encounters gets up close to grizzly bears, showing their gruesome and sometimes quirky life from a bear’s point of view. “We realize that in many ways they are just like us with their different personalities and that life as a bear revolves around similar essentials as our own,” says Anne Olzmann, managing director.

Uncovering the science behind decomposition, Banquet of the Beasts shows an often-ignored side of ecosystems. “With its many images of maggots, flies and dead animals, it is the perfect programming for the holiday of the macabre: Halloween,” says Olzmann.

She adds: “Our brand-new content includes blue-chip wildlife programs, high-end science titles and inspiring travel and lifestyle series.”

“We are privileged to be able to offer brand-new, high-quality documentary films from the award-winning production companies we represent,” says Olzmann.

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