Silver Wolf Joins the Pack

Silver Wolf International CEO Abdul Rashid Budin talks to TV Real about the new company, which has billed itself as “the home of those who are always on the hunt for quality content.”

The company, which launched earlier this year, is based in Singapore, but maintains a presence in many global markets.

“We see ourselves as a well-rounded, forward-thinking media company, with a foothold in markets around the world, Asia being our backyard,” says Abdul Rashid Budin, the CEO of Silver Wolf International. “We have been and will continue to represent and distribute content for new and existing partners. We understand that ‘Content is King,’ which is why we are also co-producing and co-financing our own IPs, which consist of mostly factual programming for now.”

***Image***This factual slate spans genres such as world affairs, history, lifestyle, science and wildlife. Budin says that the aim is to create content that is on par with the major networks globally.

Silver Wolf’s current portfolio of IP includes Inside Things, which explains the basic nuts and bolts of how things work in the natural world; Cities of the World, which explores the culture, tourism and hidden highlights of cities big and small; and Animal Societies, giving an inside look at how animal families band together to create communities.

The company also represents a number of third-party titles, among them The Last Fish Hunter, about an elderly Malaysian man and the ancient art of fishing. Other third-party catalog content includes Skytrain: A Grave to Grieve, which chronicles the story of a tragedy that occurred following WWII when an airliner that was carrying many servicemen home crashed in Malaysia.

“We are working to reach out to as many buyers across the world and land our programs on as many broadcasters and platforms as possible,” says Budin. “We will also identify the types of marketing services available in the market and use those to enhance and widen our reach and presence to the buyers.”

He adds that Silver Wolf is also exploring the film side of the business, “and we’re preparing to acquire a couple of films for distribution. Of course, we will continue to grow and strengthen business with new and existing clients and partners.”