MIPTV Spotlight: Silver Wolf International


CANNES: The holy month of Ramadhan is the focus of Salam Ramadhan Korea and Salam Ramadhan UK, which Silver Wolf International is offering to MIPTV buyers.

“The titles that we’ve highlighted aim to educate and enlighten audiences on a subject that not many people usually talk about,” says CEO Abdul Rashid Budin. Both Salam Ramadhan Korea and Salam Ramadhan UK examine how Muslims observe this special time. “The communities in each country observe the holy month differently based on the culture of the country they are in, etc.,” he says. “These titles are educational because most people think that it’s done the same way everywhere in the world, but what they do not know is that each country varies here and there.” Silver Wolf is also presenting Morocco at the Crossroads.

He adds, “Programs that have the ability to educate and evoke emotions will resonate with everyone.”