Scout Productions Prepping Doge Meme Doc


Scout Productions, along with First Gen Studios, Dukes Up and Own the Doge, are developing underDOGE, following the dog behind the Doge meme and her owner Atsuko.

The dog, a Shiba Inu named Kabosu, has impacted internet culture, art and more. The documentary, directed by filmmaker Jon Lynn, will follow the life of Kabosu and delve into meme culture and Doge’s impact on cryptocurrency.

The production follows Kabosu’s recent passing.

“Since becoming a meme, Kabosu the Shiba Inu has made a lasting impact with her story epitomizing the ‘underdog’ spirit,” said Joel Chiodi, Scout Productions’ head of documentaries. “We’ve been following Kabosu since her earliest days as a meme to her final hours, capturing iconic moments with her and the community she spawned, traveling to Japan, Italy and here in the U.S. This exclusive footage, never before seen, is a testament to Kabosu’s journey from adopted rescue pup to viral sensation, sparking a digital revolution that has moved an entire nation.”