Quintus Media Racks Up Presales for Factual Slate


Quintus Media has signed a raft of deals for its documentaries produced by the German factual specialist Maximus Film.

The company has secured presale partners for the second season of Mega Transports (6x 60 min.). The partners are A+E Networks UK, Polsat Play in Poland, Prima ZOOM for the Czech Republic, N24 for German-speaking Europe and RMC Decouverte in France.

Each episode of Mega Transports highlights an exceptional transport system and shows the detailed planning and preparation of the cargo by disassembling, stabilizing and protecting it. From the biggest tunnel-drilling machine to the latest flying carriers, these transports are always constrained with immense time pressure and security as their cargo is very often the only one of its kind.

Quintus Media has also presold the crime-documentary series No-Go Zones—The World’s Toughest Places (6×60 min.) to n-tv in Germany, Discovery Latin America & US Hispanic and Discovery En Español.

The series shows highly active criminal neighborhoods, occupied blocks, red-light districts and quarters, throwing the audience into a brutal new microcosm where prostitutes, drug dealers, gang members, policemen and regular residents create an explosive societal cocktail. At each location the series closely follows different members of these outlaw communities immersing viewers in the daily struggle to survive from different angles—from the most dangerous black market in Mexico, the toughest gang headquarters in Cape Town to 7 Mile Bloods in Detroit.

Presales have also been concluded with N24, RMC Decouverte and Discovery Southern Europe for Mega Manufacturing (6×48 min.), which takes viewers behind the scenes of the biggest and most advanced factories in the world, focusing on the creation of unique products. With cutting-edge CGI and unprecedented access, the series takes viewers on a tour of some of the most awe-inspiring feats of manufacturing happening around the world today.