Quintus Studios Launches AVOD Engineering Channel


Quintus Studios has launched a new AVOD channel, Free Documentary—Engineering, with content from Red Arrow Studios International, Autentic Distribution and Maximus Film.

From Red Arrow Studios International, Quintus Studios acquired How Trains Changed the World and How Factories Changed the World.

Quintus acquired from Maximus Film Mega Manufacturing, Mega Pit Stops, Giant Hubs, Mega Transports, Giant Pop-Up Constructions and Ultimate Vehicles.

From Autentic Distribution comes season two of Stone Men.

These acquisitions are in addition to featuring existing content in Quintus’s catalog.

Lena Muller, head of acquisitions at Quintus Studios, said: “With Free Documentary—Engineering, we’re expanding our channel offer by establishing a strong engineering proposition featuring compelling genre content. We’ll establish the channel with our YouTube audience, but as with most of our channels, there is great potential to grow onto our other social and FAST platforms.”