Pernel Media Docuseries to Spotlight Death-Row Inmate


LONDON/PARIS: Pernel Media has inked an exclusive access deal to produce 20 Years on Death Row, a new documentary series following a California inmate who has been sentenced to the death penalty.

20 Years on Death Row tells the story of Keith Doolin, a former truck driver who was convicted of the murder of two women in 1995. He has been awaiting execution while going through the capital appeals system in California, which recently voted to accelerate the death-penalty process. Doolin continues to maintain his innocence and his lawyers claim to have found new evidence that could save his life and ultimately set him free.

Samuel Kissous, the president of Pernel Media, stated: “The case of Keith Doolin is a story like no other, pointing to a major miscarriage of justice where the stakes for him could not be higher. The new evidence that has come to light could change everything. Keith’s appeal process and detailed investigation of the case will make a gripping documentary series.”