France Télévisions Commissions After the Asteroid


Pernel Media has been commissioned to produce the documentary After the Asteroid (Après la météorite, les survivants de la préhistoire) by France Télévisions.

The documentary will offer exclusive access to paleontologist Tyler Lyson’s digging mission in Colorado, where he discovered hundreds of fossils dating to between 66 and 65 million years ago, the time after the asteroid impact that killed 75 percent of all species. The film will seek to discover how life rebuilt itself after the devastating event.

Thomas Cirotteau (Lady Sapiens) will direct After the Asteroid.  Fabrice Frank and Céline Payot-Lehmann executive produce for Pernel Media. Xavier Grimault, Amandine Picault and Catherine Alvaresse, head of documentaries for France Télévisions, commissioned the film, which will debut on France 5’s prime-time slot Science Grand Format.

“This film is a great human and scientific adventure, promising new revelations combined with innovative CGI,” said Picault.

Frank added, “Using completely new 3D and VFX technology, our paleontological investigation will immerse viewers in the corridors of time before prehistory, discovering the origins of the modern world. We can trace the history of humanity itself and of all living things back to the survivors of this mass extinction.”