Oxygen Media Debuting Dannemora Prison Break Special


Dannemora Prison Break, a two-hour special about a daring effort to escape a maximum-security facility, is set to premiere on Oxygen Media later this month.

Hosted by Troy Roberts, Dannemora Prison Break delves into the true story of two homicidal prisoners, David Sweat and Richard Matt, who endeavored to charm their way out of Clinton Correctional Facility in June 2015. Sweat and Matt ultimately won the aid of civilian prison employee Joyce Mitchell, whose assistance led to a successful prison break and the ensuing 21-day manhunt.

Dannemora Prison Break features a firsthand account from Sweat, as well as an in-depth interview with Mitchell following her sentencing. Conversations with former Clinton guard Jeffrey Dumas, inmate Erik Jensen and family members of those involved in the plot are also included in the special.

Dannemora Prison Break was produced by Peacock Productions, with Elizabeth Waller serving as executive producer.