Dick Wolf’s Murder for Hire to Air on Oxygen


Murder for Hire, an original series from Dick Wolf and Shed Media, is scheduled to bow on Oxygen in April.

The series will give viewers an exclusive look into the world of contract killings, showing intriguing murder-for-hire cases that were caught on tape. Each standalone episode of Murder for Hire will feature a different case and undercover agents as they work their investigations and attempt to catch the perpetrator, and ultimately, prevent a murder. The series is set to premiere on Oxygen on Sunday, April 7, at 7 p.m.

Wolf, executive producer on Murder for Hire, said: “Some of the most horrifying crimes are crimes of passion and money, and we are the first to explore in depth the motives and tactics used in these ‘murders for hire.’  Viewers will be stunned when they understand the lengths to which aggrieved parties go to get revenge.”