back2back Preps More World’s Deadliest, Scrap Kings


back2back Productions is making a third season of The World’s Deadliest… for the U.K.’s 5Spike and Australia’s Seven Network, and a second installment of Scrap Kings for the U.K.’s Quest, Viasat World and Germany’s ProSieben.

The World’s Deadliest… examines how split-second decisions can mean the difference between life and death. The latest season in the franchise will be sold internationally by Passion Distribution. Scrap Kings, which follows scrap sellers around the U.K., is represented internationally by DCD Rights.

David Notman-Watt, founder and managing director of back2back, said: “We put a lot of effort into developing stories with universal traction, which makes these global recommissions particularly gratifying. But it’s easy to understand why both of these series appeal to audiences from Sydney to Stockholm. With The World’s Deadliest…, I was starting to think I’d seen it all in terms of what people choose to film themselves doing. Turns out I was wrong. As for Scrap Kings, the lovable rogues who make a tidy living out of demolishing the U.K. receive fan mail from as far afield as Japan, Thailand and Venezuela. Now that’s what I call global appeal!”