Kew Media Distribution Snaps Up Rights to Superbug


Kew Media Distribution has secured the international rights to Superbug, a new documentary from Dan Reed (Leaving Neverland).

An AMOS Pictures production for HBO and BBC Two, Superbug tells the story of how humanity gained a wonder cure in antibiotics—and has now almost lost it. Many interconnected factors shape the story of how this happened and what it means for humankind’s future in Superbug, a cinematic hybrid documentary and scripted film. It will premiere on HBO and BBC Two in 2021.

Reed said: “Superbug will tell an important story that will make viewers question their relationship with modern medicine while sweeping them up into an immersive journey like no other. Superbug will feel like an epic, entertaining movie, using the full arsenal of screen storytelling: movie-grade computer-generated imagery, scripted drama and cinematography, and an orchestral musical score alongside classical documentary techniques with all the truth, intimacy, immediacy and sense of engagement that they deliver. The CGI will be immersive and photo-real, a journey into a never-before-seen landscape populated by extraordinary living things.”

Jonathan Ford, executive VP of sales for Kew Media Distribution, added: “We are delighted to offer viewers worldwide subject matter that really pushes the boundaries of storytelling. The use of new digital technologies in Superbug will enhance traditional storytelling and bring a cinematic experience into each viewer’s living room. We are honored to build our catalog of documentaries from the award-winning producer, Dan Reed.”