James Cameron & Simcha Jacobovici Team on Search for Atlantis


WASHINGTON, D.C.: National Geographic Channel and Discovery Canada have commissioned a new two-hour special, Search for Atlantis, which will see James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici joining forces.

The special is produced by Associated Producers for a global premiere this winter. Principal photography is now under way on the production, on location in Sicily, Malta, Crete, Santorini and Sardinia, with underwater portions being shot off the coast of Spain.

Cameron will serve as executive producer, alongside Yaron Niski. Jacobovici will be leading the project, serving as producer along with Felix Golubev.

In 2011, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Canada partnered with Associated Producers on Finding Atlantis.

“National Geographic is committed to bringing the world of science, exploration and adventure to our viewers worldwide,” said Tim Pastore, the president of original programming and production at National Geographic Channel. “We are excited to partner with Cameron and Jacobovici for the quest to find Atlantis, one of the magical worlds that has resonated in our collective imaginations for thousands of years.”

“The first part of this investigation made for a particularly timely special, drawing a large viewing audience when we aired it in 2011,” added Ken MacDonald, the general manager and VP for Discovery Networks Canada. “Discovery’s Canadian audiences are still just as intrigued by iconic mysteries, and this expanded investigation into the facts behind the myth in Search for Atlantis more than fits the bill.”

“Finding the historical and archeological truth behind the Atlantis myth has always been a fascination of mine,” said Cameron. “Our exploration team will investigate several new theories about where the real Atlantis was, who these mysterious people were, and what disaster wiped them from the Earth over three millennia ago.”