Shooting Wraps on ZDFE-Repped Equator Docuseries


Filming has concluded on the 24-hour TV series and interactive event No Shadows: A Day on the Equator, which ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE) is distributing worldwide.

The production is the result of three years of work and more than 160 days of filming. No Shadows: A Day on the Equator is a 4K/UHD production of SPIEGEL TV, Primitive Entertainment and DEEP with the support of Discovery Canada, NHK, ZDF/ARTE and ZDF Enterprises. The finished series will be available in 12×52-minute UHD format and as a 3×52-minute “Best Of” version and special 360-degree virtual reality clips. The broadcast material is scheduled for delivery in June 2018.

The program travels the equator to capture the cultural diversity, issues and dreams of those living along the equator. The series will have an elaborate online accompaniment that utilizes 360-degree footage to immerse viewers via VR and mobile in key regions around the equator, including its highest point, the volcano Cayambe, as well as the Amazonian rainforest and the underwater world off of the Maldives.