Inside Dior, A Big LEGO Christmas Land Cineflix Rights Representation


LONDON: Cineflix Rights has secured the international distribution rights for two new shows, including Finestripe Productions’ Inside Dior, to launch at MIPTV.

The 2×1-hour documentary Inside Dior, produced for Channel 4, takes viewers behind the scenes of the billion-dollar luxury empire that spans clothes, handbags, makeup and perfume. Marking the fashion house’s 70th anniversary, the doc reveals its past and present, meeting clients and celebrities and introducing the masterminds, including Dior’s first-ever female creative director.

Also for Channel 4, A Big LEGO Christmas is a one-hour doc from Waddell Media. It offers access to the global superbrand as it prepares to open the world’s biggest LEGO store, in London.

Chris Bonney, the CEO of rights at Cineflix Media, said: “Both Inside Dior and A Big LEGO Christmas come from producers with a track record of delivering very strong ratings in the U.K. and substantial global sales. They provide a rare look into the inner workings of huge global brands to deliver entertaining and insightful television, which is exactly what our buyers are looking for at the moment.”