Bolt+ Adds Cineflix FAST Channels to Lineup


Bolt+ has partnered with Cineflix Rights to add Real Disaster Channel, Crime & Justice and Property & Reno to its lineup of FAST channels in the U.S.

Real Disaster Channel offers series such as Mayday: Air Disaster, Deadly Disasters and more, while Crime & Justice features an array of true-crime programs and Property & Reno includes home and renovation content. While watching on Bolt+, viewers can chat with others, engage with advertising to be rewarded and even make purchases.

Now, advertisers on Cineflix Rights’ and other channels on Bolt+ will have measurable contact with their intended target audiences to gain better consumer insights. Audiences stand to gain by earning rewards from engaging with relevant advertising.

“We are excited to partner with Cineflix Rights to bring their compelling channel brands to our U.S. audience,” said Jamal Hassim, CEO of BoltOS. “This partnership further expands our already diverse content offering whilst allowing viewers to immerse themselves in great television shows through our industry-leading interactive features.”

“At Bolt+, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled immersive viewing experience by combining high-quality programming with cutting-edge technology,” Hassim continued. “The Bolt+ lineup of streaming channels and content grows from strength to strength with the addition of Cineflix Rights’ quality content.”

Mike Gould, senior VP of digital at Cineflix Rights, added, “Cineflix Rights is thrilled to join forces with Bolt+ to bring our growing slate of FAST channels to a new and engaged audience. With Bolt’s interactivity tools, our viewers can take their fandom to the next level and connect with communities built around our compelling programming.”