MY Entertainment Developing Crime-Themed Titles


NEW YORK: MY Entertainment has unveiled a development slate that is focused on crime titles, with a project about infamous cult leader Charles Manson in the works.

A co-production with Zak Bagans Entertainment, the Manson project is in development after securing exclusive access to the cult leader’s grandson, Jason Freeman, who is on a quest to meet his 82-year-old grandfather before he dies in a Californian prison. The project will offer a new perspective on Manson, who brainwashed young women into committing a series of horrific murders. The show will tell the story of Manson through the eyes of his grandson.

Another exclusive-access deal sees MY Entertainment building on the success of the docuseries Las Vegas Law on Discovery ID, which offers insight into the inner workings of the Clark County District Attorney’s office. The North Las Vegas Police Department signed a deal granting MY Entertainment access to the training necessary to turn raw recruits into the next generation of police officers in Training Day: North Las Vegas.

MY Entertainment’s development slate also includes Behind The Badge. The project comes from a development deal with retired police lieutenant and national spokesperson for the law-enforcement support group Blue Lives Matter, Randy Sutton. The show will see Sutton travel the country interviewing police officers and their families.

Zak Bagans of Zak Bagans Entertainment said, “There’s no doubt that Charles Manson has done truly evil things. But we can’t turn down his biological grandson’s request, who has lived under the shadow not only of his grandfather but also of the suicide of his father, Charles Manson, Jr. Jason wants closure. He wants to meet his grandfather for the first time before he passes. Words need to be said face to face. There is another Manson that no one has ever met. We want to introduce him to the world and share his powerful story.”

Michael Yudin, the CEO of MY Entertainment, commented, “These deals put us front and center of the real-life crime genre. The story of the Manson family killings has been told time and again, but Zak’s retelling of the events through the eyes of his grandson will offer a genuinely new take on a tale that has lost none of its appalling fascination. It promises to be a truly compelling series and the strongest possible subject for our first co-production with Zak. Meanwhile, the development deals with the North Las Vegas Police Department and Randy Sutton are a tribute to our reputation for telling the human story, and access to U.S. law-enforcement services with sensitivity, respect and honesty.”