HGTV Greenlights Zillow Gone Wild


HGTV has expanded its real estate programming genre with the new property event series Zillow Gone Wild, slated to premiere in early 2024.

The show features eight half-hour episodes and a one-hour season finale. Inspired by the Instagram account of the same name, which touts 1.8 million followers, each episode showcases three quirky homes and shares the backstories of their buyers, sellers and their unique histories.

The series is produced by Asylum Entertainment Group.

“Millions of people are obsessed with scrolling through outrageous and over-the-top properties on social media while dreaming about where they would like to live,” said Loren Ruch, head of content for HGTV. “Zillow Gone Wild will take the fascination a step further by giving fans a cheeky glimpse inside the most unusual homes on the market, offering those unexpected ‘wow’ moments that will keep viewers coming back for more.”