Disney+ Greenlights Italian Original Docuseries


Disney+ has greenlit the four-part Italian original ‘Ndrangheta, World Wide Mafia, produced by Disney, IBC Movie and Sunset Presse.

Based on real events, the series documents the war waged by Italian public prosecutor Nicola Gratteri against one of the most powerful crime organizations in the world, the ‘Ndrangheta, a major operator worldwide in drug trafficking and the money laundering business.

‘Ndrangheta, World Wide Mafia will also follow the historic international drug trafficking Maxi-Trial that began in January 2021 in Calabria, led by Gratteri against more than 350 defendants.

The series will explore how one of the poorest areas in Europe has seen the birth and growth of such a sprawling organization, which has corrupted society and institutions everywhere. Viewers will get an in-depth look at Gratteri’s everyday battles, his aides and his security team as they witness the all-out fight.

The project is written and directed by Jacques Charmelot and François Chayé. Giovanni Filippetto and Michela Gallio are also on the writing team. The executive producers are Francesca Andreoli and Maurizio Feverati for IBC and Carlos Carvalho Da Silva, Stéphanie de Montvalon and David Tillier for Sunset Presse.