All 4 Commissions Plimsoll’s Our First Gay Summer: Mykonos


All 4 has ordered the factual-entertainment show Our First Gay Summer: Mykonos from Plimsoll Productions.

Our First Gay Summer: Mykonos follows young gay Brits Lewis (22), Ashley (18) and Curtis (21) in one of the most gay-friendly destinations in the world. They go to Mykonos to live, work and party over the summer. The series was commissioned by Todd Florance, All 4’s editor. Executive producers on the show include Karen Plumb for Plimsoll.

All 4’s Florance said: “Mykonos offers an exhilarating mix of acceptance, community and pleasure and it’s been hugely enjoyable for Plimsoll and me to see Lewis, Ashley and Curtis go on this journey of self-discovery.”

Plimsoll’s Plumb added: “This is a great example of a format finding its perfect partner. We couldn’t be happier to collaborate with All 4 to not only create a fascinating series but to also further our expansion into VOD programming.”