TVNZ Picks Up 600 Bottles of Wine


Escapade Media has licensed the short-form dramedy 600 Bottles of Wine to New Zealand’s TVNZ for on-demand.

Premiering June 14 in New Zealand, 600 Bottles of Wine is about a recently single woman who navigates new relationship territory, where meaning is ambiguous and expectation is ambitious. The 8×9-minute series was also recently licensed to BBC Three for a launch in the U.K.

Director Ainslie Clouston said: “To me, 600 Bottles of Wine interrogates the female ritual of retelling and dissecting stories and how it can alter your perspective of a situation or relationship; sometimes for the best, sometimes not. Claire is fresh out of a break-up and numbing the pain with copious bottles of wine and careful cross-examination with her lady tribe in their local wine bar clubhouse. The comedy of 600 Bottles of Wine lives in the unapologetic points of view, utter authenticity of situations and it’s characteristic montages that transport the audience from the bar to the bedroom and back again!”