Scripted Israel Summit Planned for Los Angeles


Scripted Israel, a brand-new summit promoting the Israeli scripted television industry on the global stage, is slated to be held in Los Angeles from September 19 to 22.

The four-day conference will bring Israeli scripted talent and production companies for networking, showcases and educational activities. The aim is to foster relationships, stimulate business and engage with the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

Tchelet Semel and Daniel Susz, representing the Consulates General of Israel in Los Angeles and New York, respectively, commented: “It is our mission to build on the fantastic work done by Israeli companies and creators who positioned the country as a leading force in the global content industry. Our aim is to serve the Israeli creative community by establishing a sustainable platform to deepen the connections between the industries and sow the seeds for the world’s next Tehrans, Faudas and Shtisels.”