DISCOP Johannesburg Spotlight: The Africa Channel


Three competing pairs battle it out to transform an empty space into a designer’s masterpiece in The Africa Channel’s My Design Rules.

In May’s Kitchen, celebrity chef and social media influencer May Yacoubi embarks on a culinary-filled extravaganza, while World Wide Nate follows Chicago native and travel blogger Nathan Fluellen on a journey across Africa.

“We believe that these shows from The Africa Channel’s production arm, TAC Studios, imbue local authenticity but have both pan-African and global relevance and appeal,” says Narendra Reddy, executive VP and general manager at The Africa Channel.

Meanwhile, the Demand Africa OTT service is targeted to the 140 million-plus people who would be categorized as the African Diaspora (living outside the continent). There’s currently a subscription-based offer, with an AVOD channel coming soon.

“One of our principal agendas is to raise the quality and shifting perception of what constitutes African content in the global marketplace,” says Reddy.