DISCOP Johannesburg Debuts Online Screening Platform


For the first time, DISCOP Johannesburg is set to host an online platform for buyers to screen content before, during and after the market.

Buyers will be able to screen more than 1,000 hours of original content produced in Africa and available for immediate delivery. A special area will be set up on the exhibition floor featuring On-Demand viewing stations open to qualified buyers only.

DISCOP Johannesburg is expected to welcome more than 500 film, TV, digital and video game content producers from across Africa during the three-day event, which will be held November 14 to 16. The event will also include the Next Gen transfer, development and pitching program.

“DISCOP is increasingly driven by a marked preference for homegrown stories that resonate better with local audiences,” said Patrick Zuchowicki Jucaud, the general manager of Basic Lead. “Most of these shows are produced by independents for whom it is still very difficult to access business opportunities outside of their home countries. After careful consideration, we have decided to reconfigure our markets to better welcome these up-and-coming producers and creators and make their market experience more knowledgeable, more comfortable, more economical and more rewarding.”