DISCOP Africa Launches Initiative to Increase Buyer Attendance


LOS ANGELES: Basic Lead is planning to subsidize the attendance of up to 100 international content buyers for this year’s edition of DISCOP Africa, set for October 31 to November 2 in Johannesburg.

The organizers will target acquisitions executives who are interested in increasing their amount of programming created in Africa. Shows with particular interest are South African documentaries, Nigerian films, Kenyan soap operas, Burkinese series, Uganda game shows and other "made in Africa" content. Basic Lead is partnering with Tourism Gauteng’s Convention Bureau for the initiative. Eligible programming and acquisitions execs representing international public and private broadcasters will be invited to attend DISCOP Africa, taking place at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg.

“African television has undergone a huge renaissance, far outpacing the traditional production formulas that the rest of the world falls back on so much, providing a fresh antidote to more mainstream television,” says Patrick Jucaud-Zuchowicki, the general manager of Basic Lead.  He added “DISCOP AFRICA is on track to showcase the very best African content, produced in what has become one of the world’s most compelling multiplatform content production centers”.
Nonnie Kubeka, the marketing manager at Tourism Gauteng’s Convention Bureau, added, “We are very pleased to support DISCOP Africa in encouraging international buyers to seek out African programming for their own networks. Our mission is to cultivate and facilitate an environment that allows the film and television industry to play a meaningful role in the socio-economic development of the region.  Showcasing these ideas and themes, together with the production knowledge and creativity present locally at DISCOP Africa will be an invaluable opportunity to enhance international awareness of the strong multiplatform content originating in Africa”.