Turner Latin America Ups Josh Weinrobe


ATLANTA: Josh Weinrobe has been promoted to VP of digital development at Turner Latin America.

In his new role, Weinrobe will be responsible for heading the digital business strategy and operational planning activities across Turner Latin America’s 16 pay-TV networks. He will be expected to help improve the capitalization of platform technology investments, enhance operational efficiency and increase commercial growth opportunities. He will continue to work out of the Atlanta office, where he will report to Alex González, the company’s senior VP of corporate development and new media.

Weinrobe began working for Turner in 2005 as a business development manager. Two years later he became a director and was charged with the company’s mobile business, which he helped to expand.

"Josh has made significant contributions to our digital business and I know he will do a great job at advancing them even further," said González. "Josh has been a key player in growing Turner Latin America overall digital footprint and has been at the center of many of the division’s most important digital initiatives. He has shown an uncanny ability not only to think strategically, but also to make a meaningful impact to our digital business both commercially and operationally."